TV Star Arnav Landed In One More Trouble!!

TV star Arnav who got accused of cheating actress Dhivya after impregnating her, landed in one more trouble due to the derogatory remarks he made against slum people. To describe another TV actor Eashwar, Arnav said that he is not someone who maintains dignity but would behave like a person from the “slum” areas.


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After his statement caused huge controversy among the users of internet platforms, the actor came up with a post seeking apology from those who got offended. He uploaded a post in his Instagram handle to express his regret over the statements he made.

“Eshwar is intervening in my life so much. He wants to live together but the words he is using are very bad and vulgar. Though he is a friend of mine there is a limit” said Arnav in the press interaction.


“Did I born in a slum area or he is coming from a slum area. Doesn’t he know how to behave like an artist?? He is using disgusting words and is dominating me. He wants us to live together and is trying hard to make it happen, does he lead a perfect life ??” Arnav asked in the interview.

The word “slum” he used to describe Eashwar’s behavior irked a number of online users. Many condemned the actor for degrading the people of slum area.

Check out some of their reactions below :

As a result, Arnav on Tuesday, came up with a note seeking apology from those who got offended. The actor said that he has been regretting ever since making the derogatory statement against “slum” in the press interaction. “I’m getting that word back as I said it out of anger” Arnav said through his post.

“I’m seeking apology from everyone and I never intended to humiliate others” he further added.

Check out his press statement below :


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