TV Actress Sreenithi Opened About The Casting Couch She Faced In The Industry!!

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11 months ago

Television actress Sreenithi who is known for her appearance as a lead actress in Vijay TV’s “Senthoora Poove”, opened about the casting couch she faced in the cinema industry since her childhood. The actress who says that she started acting when she was studying 6th standard, revealed that people in the industry even approached her mother to cast her in movies.

In the interview, Sreenithi shared about many of her experiences personally and professionally. Starting from how she got the opportunity to play lead opposite to an experienced artist like Pasupathy to her upcoming projects, Sreenithi was so much candid throughout the interview.

The actress said that she is very much find of her mother who would look after her in the shooting spots ever since she started acting. While being questioned about the existence of casting couch in film industry, Sreenithi said that it became a very casual thing and female artists could either say “yes” or “no” as per their comfort.

“I have so many experience as I have started acting since my 6th class. I received lot of Malayalam movie opportunities which are high budget ones. While I was studying 10th standard, they said ” Mam, you have to adjust everything”. Me and my mother were like “We can adjust food, tea and room. No worries” but they would ask openly about “adjustment”.

“My mother said that we were not interested in such things as we are from a good family. When we are about to leave, they said ” Not necessarily the daughter, Even if it is the mother, it’s fine”. My mother is a person who would get upset for tiny things” Sreenithi further said.

“Not only the film field, these kind of approaches exist in all the field. I still face such kind of approach. I receive so many movie opportunities now. So many people would ask me why am I not opting for movies and this is the reason for it. I’m not all of those from the industry” the actress said.

“There would be a particular person. In few projects, a whole casting team would ask, manager, producer, director would. What I am thinking is, these people must think about how would they feel if the women in their house face such question. But they seem to not care for their family too as they are transparently approaching women” she further said.

Watch the video below :

Video source :  IBC Mangai

“There are so many girls who are ready to accept those offers but I will never say “yes” to that. Lot of people would ask, I would simply say “I’m not interested”. It became normal in the industry. If you want say “yes” or don’t want say “no”. That’s that” Sreenithi added.



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