“Turn Off The Camera” – Sadhguru’s Real Life “Muthalvan” Moment !

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10 months ago

While giving an interview for BBC news channel, self-styled Godman Jaggi Vasudev who is popularly known as “Sadhguru”, lost his cool and asked the organizers to turn the camera off and stopped giving interview after he was questioned about “illegal occupation” of land. Saying that no law was violated, Sadhguru who looked visibly frustrated, questioned back the interviewer named Subagunam about whether he is following the court orders. The interview was stopped abruptly with a notification from the youtube channel saying that those who accompanied Jaggi Vasudev, forcefully turned off the three cameras.


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After answering to the questions based on his “Save soil movements”, Jaggi Vasudev happened to face a question on why he failed to get environmental clearance from the government for his projects which made him to lose his temper.

“The government had said that there’s no illegal occupation, everything is perfect” Jaggi Vasudev said. “Isn’t there a law in this land ? Isn’t there a government ?? Let them do their job. Why you media people are doing the job of a government ??” he asked the reporter.

Even after Jaggi tried to shush him and make him to move on to the next question, the interviewer didn’t back down. “When you are so concerned about the environment, why don’t you take proper permission before to start constructing those buildings” he further asked. Jaggi Vasudev repeated what he said and tried to stop giving the interview.


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The self proclaimed Godman also asked the cameramen to turn their cameras off. Terming the interviewer as “non sense”, Jaggi said “Turn off this camera. Enough. Listen man . . Listen to me. Every law that is there in the country has been followed. If there is any discrepancy, we fixed it. We fixed a small discrepancy 20 years ago” said Sadhguru but the interviewer continued t shot his questions.

The news channel had to stop the interview and published a notification that said “people with Jaggi Vasudev forcibly turned the cameras off”.

Watch the video below :

Source : BBC 

The video is going viral in social media platforms with netizens calling out Sadhguru for disrespecting the interviewer and few even trolled him by comparing the incident from a famous Tamil movie Mudhalvan in which a politician would ask the interviewers to turn the cameras off after being not able to answer the questions.

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