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TTF Vasan directly warned Ayyappan Ramasamy after a video of the latter went viral in social media platforms. The moto vlogger, in his video, said that he is waiting with rage and will break the face of Ayyappan Ramasamy if he ever meet him in person. Vasan also confirmed that it is revenge indeed and added that he is waiting with the same shirt, wearing which he participated in an interview with Ayyappan Ramasamy.

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It all started after Ayyappan interviewed TTF Vasan, months ago. Ayyappan Ramasamy, in the interview, addressed almost all the issues caused by the moto vlogger ever since he celebrated his birthday by gathering his followers. Right from questioning about why he is failing to follow the traffic rules to the connection between himself and an accomplice of School Education minister Anbil Mahesh, Ramasamy asked questions based on the bad influence TTF Vasan is causing among the youngsters.

In the interaction that took place for Newsglitz, Ayyapan Ramasamy asked various questions to TTF Vasan including why he is influencing young kids to ride bike in a dangerous way, why he allows his fans to meet him irrespective of Police orders etc. Throughout the interview, TTF was seen justifying his activities. When the anchor asked him about the way he entered court to get bail for a case that was registered against him, TTF Vaasan who visibly got irritated, removed the mic and left the spot.


“On seeing the way you entered the court and made videos after committing a violation, youngsters might think that it is a kind of pride to get cases and enter the court by wearing suit” said Ramasamy to which TTF replied back saying “You are asking controversial questions right from the beginning”

He further asked “You asked for an interview and I accepted. Did you ask one question without controversy ? You should see things from my shoes. I came here after facing so many controversies. I don’t feel like answering” TTF said and left the spot.

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The video garnered wide reach among the internet audience and Ramasamy received accolades from many online users for asking right questions to the youngsters. After the interview interacted with his fans and answered to their questions. To the one who asked about the Newsglitz interview, TTF Vasan said “I have received a world record. They didn’t ask one question about the record but kept asking controversial questions for the views of their channel”

Now, after Ayyappan Ramasamy caught into the controversy, TTF released a video in his social media handles, issuing a direct warning to Ayyappan. “I have no respect for that dog at all. He lost his respect. If you say that I have to give respect for his age, No, that is not required. Only, respect will be given based on an individual’s activities. He received Rs. 45,000 as bribe and spoiled the lives of others, he didn’t deserve respect” Vasan said.

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Referring to the words uttered by Ayyappan Ramasamy in the leaked video about his girls followers, Vasan said “It is a cheap gesture. They will leave such people who gets bribes but will punish those who are involved in petty violations. If you ask me whether I’m taking revenge, yes I am. I’m waiting for you with the same shirt I was wearing during our interview. Will break your face If I ever see you in person” in the video.

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