TTF Vasan Vs Cherry Vlogs?? Verbal Spat Between The Moto Vloggers

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CM / Updated: 2023-02-18
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TTF Vasan, a famous moto vlogger who enjoys 3 million subscribers for his YouTube channel, got replies from Tagore Suresh Babu who is also running a moto vlogging YouTube channel. The latter who is running a YouTube channel named “Cherry Vlogs” with 1 million plus subscribers, in his recent video, replied to the statements made by the 22 year youth in his YouTube channel months ago.

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TTF Vasan grabbed the attention of the mainstream online users after celebrating his birthday with 8000 plus followers of him in Chennai. After uploading the birthday celebration video that last 30 plus minutes, TTF Vasan became a subject to the attention of mainstream media as media portals such as Sun news covered a piece about his birthday celebration.


He caught into controversy after riding his two wheeler for over 200 kmph and showing the speedometer to the audience of his YouTube channel. Most recently, he faced legal action after making a video with famous youtuber, GP Muthu. He became a darling of controversies due a video he made inside court premises and for the kind of moto vlogging video he uploads in his channel.

However, in his recent video, Tagore, moto vlogger from Cherry Vlogs YouTube channel questioned what TTF Vasan did for the biking community other than getting them beatings from the Police. Referring to a statement TTF Vasan made about Tagore’s age and experience, the latter said that he is just 4 years elder than Vasan and has similar experience lie him. Cherry Vlogs also countered Vasan’s accusation on endorsing brands to earn money to go different kind of bike tours.

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In a video that he uploaded months ago, TTF Vasan said that he always had his support for Cherry Vlogs and uploaded a story for him in Instagram irrespective of him saying that he doesn’t know who TTF is in his interviews. “They made a controversy out of me making a fun video with alcohol bottle. We didn’t even drink alcohol in that video but Cherry Anna made videos of himself smoking and drinking” TTF Vasan said in his video. “It looks like that if he does something it’s good but if I did the same, it’s worst” he added.

“He also rides over 200 KMPH speed and does wheeling. No one’s calling him out. If I did the same, they are making a fuss out of it” TTF Vasan said in his video. About not going bike tours to various countries, Vasan said that he never promoted any trading app like Cherry Vlogs due to his policy.

In the video, TTF Vasan also said “If Cherry Vlogs doing world tours is an achievement, then a youngster like me buying a Super Bike is also an achievement. I’m just 22 now and trying to achieve things one by one”

Watch the video below :

Countering the statements of TTF, Cherry Vlogs, in his recent video, said that TTF Vasan would land in controversies deliberately for the reach of his channel and he did nothing to the moto vlogging community other than getting youngsters hurt.

“Yes, I did advertisement for Binoma app but I have always asked my followers to skip the advertisement part” Tagore said and went on  to comment on the accusation made on his about drinking alcohol and smoking. He advised his followers to stay a Teetotaller which he couldn’t do now due to pressure.


“I never did crowd funding like TTF Vasan for my bike tours and would not do it in the future as well. Vasan said that I’m doing according to my age. I’m just three or four years elder than Vasan. I face all the financial struggles he is facing and would think in the same way like him as we belong to the same age group” Cherry Vlogs Youtuber said in his video.

“He said that he would do bike tours if he starts promoting apps like me. I would like to compare the monthly earning of him and me” said Tagore in the video went on to question “what you did for biking community so far?? Except getting them beatings from police, what you did for moto vlogging community??”

Cherry Vlogs also accused TTF Vasan deliberately landing in controversies for the reach of his channel and said that the perspective over bikers changed due to TTF Vasan. “Media is looking at him as a scapegoat but he is changing it as his plus point” he further added and also said that he didn’t do anything for the country to get Police case but the cases that were filed against him are petty cases.

Watch his video below :

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