Trump’s check mate for Indians!!!


The US presidential election 2016 came as a shocker to everyone around the globe as Donald Trump emerged victorious by defeating Hilary Clinton and becoming the President of United States of America. He was known for his controversial speeches about immigration,women ,things like building of walls between countries and racist remarks. Ever since the election.everyone were waiting for the stand he would take on America’s immigration policies. 
Probably a bad omen ,Trump made a statement  that H-1B visa holders won’t be able to replace US workers.
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H-1B visas are like temporary tickets into the American soil where we are given permission and access to work for a short time in specific roles as required by the company. The Big Shots of Silicon Valley rope people from India via this. A lawsuit has been put forth and if is passed, will turnout to be a nightmare for all the Indians.

 “We will fight to protect every last American life.” said Trump on Thursday in Iowa.

He also quoted

During the campaign I also spent time with American workers who were laid off and forced to train. The foreign workers brought in to replace them. We won’t let this happen anymore. Can you believe that? You get laid off and then they won’t give you your severance pay unless you train the people that are replacing you. I mean, that’s actually demeaning maybe more than anything else.

Leo Perrero and Dena Moore from Disney World and other outsourcing firm slapped a lawsuit against the companies and alleged that they had conspired to displace American workers so as to get some cheap foreign labor on H-1B visas.
Currently, the capacity of H-1B visa is around 65,000 out of which 25,000-35,000 are issued to Indian nationals.

If this lawsuit goes in action,then the Information Technology Sector companies in India will have a major setback. 


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