Trollers Mocked This Actress’s Body Shape !! She Came Up With A Slipper Shot Reply To All Of Them !!

4 years ago

Internet trolling and mocking became a part of everyone’s life in this period of time. Either a person in this modern era will be in a state of getting trolled or would be in the state where he/she trolls everyone. Actress Swastika Mukherjee is a north Indian actress who became victim of these Internet troll where the online users body shamed her.


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Today the whole world is celebrating the International Women’s Day, the day when we recognize the contribution of women in making our society a better place to live and celebrate their victories over the struggles that they have fought in their lives. However for some people, women are just about their bodies and perfect figures and it is no secret that an actress is expected to have a flawless body shape.

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Actress Swastika Mukherjee who has been a part of many successful movies was recently body shamed after she posted a photo of herself on Instagram but the manner in which she hit back at the trolls was quite praiseworthy. She was modeling for a designer and in the caption, she praised the designer for making comfortable and stylish clothes.


While there were several comments on how she is rocking the outfit, another section of comments also stood one – ones that focused solely on her breasts.





Responding to the comments about her breasts, Mukherjee took to Twitter to explain how she got them from being a mother, and how ‘saggy boobs’ are very, very normal. Taking her official twitter account Swastika thrashed those perverts who body shamed her.

In her three back to back tweets she wrote “i had posted this picture on Instagram and all I heard was ‘WHY DO YOU HAVE SAGGY BOOBS?!’ Why are men always commenting on women’s saggy boobs ?? Breast feed a child for years and then talk fuckers. I am proud of my saggy boobs. I am a proud mother. I didn’t use pumps. I breastfed my child and I will do the same again if life gives me a chance. When I work as a heroine I wear UNDERWIRED BRAS that hold my breasts upright just the way the world wants to see them, when I am not working I give a FUCK. Do hell with the world. It’s #InternationalWomensDay and all the circus around it will start and this is what the actual scene is. We are supposed to be picture perfect. Have the best boobs/ass/waist/lips. If you don’t have one then go for surgery and get them done. Otherwise get trolled. What a farce. YES I have saggy boobs. and I love them. keep complaining and enjoy yourselves.”

Check out her tweets here :

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This is something special from the actress on this special day for women to those special people who trolls everything irrespective of people’s personal problems and mindsets.

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