Troller Said “Priya Anand Is The Unluckiest Actress In The Industry” !! Check How She Shut Him Down !!

Priya Anand, one of the most talented actress in Tamil film industry rose to fame through films like Vamanan, Ethir Neechal is also an experienced actress among very few. Unlike many heroines who faded away, Priya still sustains in the industry with her versatility in the movies she acts.

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Be it Rajinikanth or Cristiano Ronaldo, Internet trolls which are targeted on celebrities is something that could not be avoided. One could either avoid it by ignoring or shut them all by giving a befitting reply. Priya Anand chose to shut them down to teach a lesson to everyone who thinks of trolling her online media.

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One of a user named Analagan in his tweet said that Priya is the unluckiest actress in Tamil film industry as two of a big time actors who shared screen space with her died. He pointed out the demise of late veteran actress Sridevi who acted with Priya Aanand in English Vinglish and the demise of actor/politician J.K Ritheesh who acted with Priya Anand in recent blockbuster L.K.G.

His tweet read as “Sridevi acted with @PriyaAnand in ENGLISH VINGLISH. @SrideviBKapoor is no more now. JK Rithish acted with Priya Anand in LKG. JK Rithish is no more now. WHOEVER ACTS WITH PRIYA ANAND, THEY R DYING. Is PRIYA ANAND a symbol of BAD LUCK for her costars? @RJ_Balaji”


For this Priya Anand decided to give him a reply which made him apologize for his senseless statement. Priya said that it is a most insensitive thing to say. Her tweet read as “I usually don’t respond to people like you. But I just want to let you know that it is a very insensitive thing to say. I get that its easy to get away sounding dumb on social media but you my friend have it an all time low! I’m not going to respond by bringing you down…”

Following her she also wrote “But please know that what you say can really trigger a lot of pain in people. So before you make such comments I hope u take a second and practice having some empathy and restrain from such petty frivolous behavior”


On seeing this Analagan suddenly changed his mind and asked sorry to the actress saying that he thought she would never read tweets.

She also visited his handle and gave him a message in a kind manner :

What do you think on the way Priya handled the troller ?? Comment your views below !!



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