Trisha Got Slammed By Producers For This Reason !!

Celebrities not attending the promotional events of their own movies has became a fashion nowadays. Actor Ajith Kumar is the prominent actor who started the culture of not attending the promotional events of his own movies. The actor, however, informs his producers and directors prior the shooting about his policy of not attending the promotional events of his movies. Inspired by him, actor Jai started avoiding promotional events. As a effect it, he got slammed by Amma creations head T.Siva in an event of Chennai 28-2. Nowadays, Lady Superstar Nayanthara who is believed to be the highest paid actress in South India also avoided appearing in the promotional events of her movies. She avoided appearing in the audio launches of Bigil and Darbar.

Now, actress Trisha who is considered as one of the most experienced actress of Tamil film industry failed to attend the promotional interview of her upcoming film “Paramapadha Vilayattu”. Producer of Maanadu Suresh Kamatchi and Amma Creations head T. Siva slammed the actress for not attending the event. What irked the producers more is, that the above mentioned film is a female oriented film and Trisha is the only known star in it.

In the event which took place in Sathyam cinemas, the producers expressed their disappointment over the actress. “Actors not attending the promotional events of their own films, has became a trend, nowadays. They think themselves as high profile actors after avoiding the promotional events. Generally, a film’s actors would be seen sitting in the front row of an event. But in this film, we who are the part of Producers council and Directors council are sitting here as friends. Even biggest stars such as Rajinikanth and Vijay are attending the audio launches of their films. I can’t figure what the problem is with these stars. The fame they got now is only because of the press reporters and fans. I don’t know what is their problem in meeting them.” Suresh Kamatchi lashed out at Trisha in the event.

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“We commit stars like you only because of the fame you people are having. That is the only reason behind us paying you the amount you demand, or else we could have gone with new actors. You must realize that you have a minimum amount of responsibility to promote the film which is made of lot of money.” he added.

Producer T.Siva during his speech warned Trisha to attend the upcoming promotional events of “Paramapadham Vilayattu”. He said that Trisha would be forced to return a part of her salary if she failed to do so. “On behalf of the producers council, I am warning her to attend the upcoming promotional events or else a part of her salary must be returned. We can’t just see these things happening in film industry. This should be a lesson to other actors who are avoiding the promotional events of their movies” Siva said.

Source : Thi cinemas

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