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Top Tamil Actress Slammed Celebrities For Their Maldives Pictures !!



Top Tamil Actress Slammed Celebrities For Their Maldives Pictures !!

Actress Shruthi Haasan, in her recent interview to Quint, has slammed the celebrities for visiting Maldives and flaunting their vacation pictures amidst the COVID 19 situation. A number of cinema celebrities including Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Rakul Preet Singh, Taapsee Pannu, Kajal Agarwal, Sonakshi Sinha, Pranita, Vedhika, Disha Patani and many others visited Maldives and shared glimpses of their beach vacation through their respective social media accounts during the first wave of COVID 19 virus.



Now, as the second wave of COVID 19 virus is approaching the country, another set of celebrities from Indian cinema have visited the island to chill. Many people who are following such celebrities in social media felt that they are acting irresponsible and they are not alone as singer cum actress Shruthi Haasan also have expressed similar opinion.

In a recent interview with the Quint, Shruthi reportedly said that flaunting one’s privilege during such a distressing time is not responsible behaviour. “Glad they had a great holiday, they deserved it. I did not personally feel it was a time to go maskless in a pool. It has been a tough time for everyone and for some people much more. I think gratitude and being thankful for privileges is what is most important to know versus throwing your privileges in people’s faces,” Shruthi Haasan said according to reports.


It is notable that a report on Shruthi Haasan leaving the shooting spot of “Laabam” after Vijay Sethupathi failed to follow COVID 19 restrictions surfaced. The actress said that COVID 19 is a serious health risk and added that the pandemic is not over yet on 19th of November. In a way of denoting the incident that took place in the shooting spot of “Laabam”, Shruti said that she has every right to prioritise her safety and health if protocols were not followed.



“COVID is a serious health risk everyone ! The pandemic is not over ! I as a person and an actor have the right to prioritise my safety and health if protocols are not followed ! Just saying” the tweet of Shruti Haasan which was posted 4 months ago read.

Check it out below :

Now, in a way of referring the incident, Shruthi said ““I was really thankful to go back to work. There were some teams which were extremely responsible and careful. And then there was “one” basically that wasn’t. And I never forgot that we are still in a pandemic. Now it is easy to say ‘oh we’re still in a pandemic’. But, I knew this three months ago. People thought that I was crazy, a psycho aunty yelling all the time. I was always on the edge about it and I don’t think many people appreciated it,” Shruthi said.

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