“Top Star” Prashanth Says “Shrooovv” In His Own Style For His Friend “Karan” !! Watch !!

CM / Updated: 2018-11-22
22:28 IST

In a career that has spanned over 40 years, child artiste-turned-actor Karan feels “blessed about what’s happening right now”. The Kokki actor has been trending on social media over the past few weeks, and this, despite him not doing a single film in the last two years. It started when a scene from the 1996 film Coimbatore Mappillai went viral for its ‘Shroov’ background score used for Karan’s character, Mahesh, when his plans of winning over a girl get foiled because of Balu (played by Vijay).

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Interestingly, though he’s on social media, he didn’t realise that his photos and videos were going viral. “I’m not really active on it but keep myself aware of what’s trending. A lot of people, even from abroad, told me that people are talking about me on social media but it was my wife, who is active on Twitter and Facebook, who brought this to my notice. A few friends from the press too confirmed this, and that’s when I believed it,” asks Karan who is ecstatic about the reception.


“Whether it’s a troll or a trend, it’s good because it’s all about me. Any actor will naturally love it (laughs). Moreover, the ‘Shroov’ scene is more than two decades old; so receiving appreciation for a work that I did a long time back means a lot to me.”

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The craze isn’t just online. The actor was mobbed when he went to watch a film recently. “I had gone to a mall to watch Equalizer 2 and though it’s normal for people to come up to me and take selfies, this time, I was really mobbed. I couldn’t even move from the spot and I ended up missing 20 minutes of the film (smiles). But I could see their love for me in person and that’s huge,” says Karan. “It told me it’s not just messages that spread. Something like ‘Shroov’ now trending really shows the power of cinema.


When asked if he felt he was being trolled, Karan replies, “I am happy about seeing all those memes. It shows people’s creativity. It’s like a bunch of people noticing a good scene they hadn’t seen before. The millennials who didn’t know much about me are searching the internet about me. What they feel about me gets translated into their creations. It even got me wondering about myself.

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Nambale ippadi nambala pathi yosikkaliye,” says a laughing Karan who goes on to talk about a particular video he loved. “Two people would be fighting, and one of them would wield a knife forcing the other one to walk out. But the reason won’t be the knife but my photo as the knife-wielding guy’s phone wallpaper. Look at how these kids are thinking (laughs uncontrollably).”


Surprisingly, now in a recent interview with Behindwoods , Top star Prashanth said “Shrooov” in his own style. The actor shares so many exclusive incidents he faced in his Film career including his friendship with actress Simran.

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Karan and Prashanth together appeared in the film “Kannethirey Thondrinaal” which was a massive blockbuster at the period of its release. It is a film which still acts as an example of a true friendship between two youngsters which was played by both of them respectively.

Prashanth also excited about his upcoming movie “Johny” ‘s trailer hitting 7 million views in youtube. What’s more exciting is the actor says “Shroov” in his own style for his fans.

Watch the video below from 13 : 00 :

Source : Behindwoods  

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