Top Producer Raised Voice To Support Jyothika !!

Several people from a particular religion spreading hatred against actress Jyothika since the video of her speech at JFW awards 2020 surfaced in the social media platform. Now, Producer S.R Prabhu who is known for producing films like Maanagaram, Kaithi, Aruvi, Joker has came up with a tweet to raise voice against the abusers.

He sarcastically said that those who are spewing hatred at her speech are making it go viral across the country. “After understanding the meaning of a dialogue she delivered in “Raatchasi” while experiencing it in a real place, Jothika Anni said it in her speech when receiving an award for the film. Some friends misunderstood it and spreading it in a indecent way. Making good opinions go viral is the achievement of your hate politics” S.R.Prabhu said in his tweet.

“Raatchasi படத்தில் பேசிய வசனத்தின் பொருளை நேரில் உணர்ந்த #ஜோதிகா அண்ணி, அப்படத்திற்காக விருது வழங்கப்பட்ட பொழுது பேசியது அரைகுறை அர்த்தம் கண்டு அநாகரீகமாக சில அன்பர்களால் பிரபலப்படுத்தப்பட்டு வருகிறது. நல்ல கருத்தை நாடறியச் செய்வதே உங்கள் வெறுப்பு அரசியலின் சாதனை.வேறென்ன சொல்ல” read his tweet.

Check out his tweet below :

It is notable that S.R Prabhu is a close relative of actor Surya who married Jyothika in the year 2006. In her speech, Jyothika said that people asked to visit Brihadishwara temple before leaving the town. “They asked me not to miss witnessing the grandeur of the temple. I have already went there. It was so beautiful that their maintenance is on par with the palace in Udaipur. Next day my shooting was in a hospital. It was very badly maintained and I couldn’t put words to what I saw in the hospital. My request is, people are spending lots of money in maintaining a temple and paying lot of money to temples as devotees. Please spend the same amount of money in building schools and hospitals.” said Jyothika amidst the loud applause of people from the auditorium.

Check out her speech here :

“I felt so bad and I haven’t went to the temple. After seeing the state of the hospital, I didn’t go to the temple. Hospitals and Schools are as important as temples the actress added. This particular clipping from the actress’s speech has been widely shared by two set of people. “Why can’t you ask government not to provide money to Churches and masks? asks one of people and others are saying that there is nothing wrong in what Jyothika has said.


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