Top Indian Cricketer’s Wife Got Upset Over Azeem’s Victory In Bigg Boss!!

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2 months ago

Prithi Narayanan, wife of renowned Indian cricketer Ravichandran Ashwin shared a series of Instagram Stories in her handle from a page which explains about how Azeem won the title of Bigg Boss, despite his toxic behaviour towards his co-contestants and after several condemnations from fans and host Kamal Haasan.


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The post which was originally uploaded in a page named “The Women Of Cinema”, provided a detailed analysis on how Azeem winning the trophy is a let down for the viewers and public. Through the write up, author of the post compared Azeem with the protagonist of the recently released Malayalam film “Jaya Jaya Jaya Jaya Hey”. The write up was endorsed by Azeem’s co-contestant Maheshwari and garnered wide reach among the viewers of the show which includes Prithi Ashwin.

Ever since the announcement on Azeem winning the Bigg Boss title surfaced, various kind of hashtags regarding the same are trending in the micro blogging social media site. Hashtags such as β€œBoycott Vijay TV”, “Abuser Azeem” were trending in twitter as well. Many users who got upset over Azeem winning the title, has been expressing their displeasure through the hashtag.

Mohammed Azeem who got condemned by Kamal Haasan throughout the season due to his behaviour towards other contestants, has been announced as the winner of Bigg Boss season 6. Majority number of viewers are not happy with his victory which is evident through the comments that are surfacing against Vijay Television in the internet platforms.

In the post shared by Prithi Ashwin, the author said that he/she received so many messages from women/queer about how Azeem won the competition despite being an embodiment of toxic misogyny, narcissism and a person who verbally abuses his co-contestants. This result made them feel lonely and question their fight against the evils in the society.

Terming Azeem as a “Walking Red Flag”, the post highlighted how Azeem belittled the professions of his housemates and mocked, hurled abuses, name-called them every now and then. It also highlighted how Azeem exhibited transphobic traits towards Shivin, the only transgender contestant of the season.

Comparing him with the male character of “Jaya Jaya Jaya Jaya Hey” film, the post denoted that Azeem abused his co-contestants and apologized to them after some confrontations and warning from host Kamal Haasan and then reconciles with the survivors of the house by making them tea. “This was his modus operandi all through his 15-week journey” the post read.

The post also questioned why female contestants such as Anitha and Archana who expressed their anger in the show that is not even 1% of what Azeem exhibited, were facing the hatred of public even after so many months since their season ended. The post also said that the show could not be considered as mere entertainment as it is being treated in other languages as host Kamal Haasan would often iterate that it is the reflection of the society.

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Here’s the stories shared by Prithi Ashwin :



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Maheshwari, one of the female contestants of the same season endorsed the write up as well :

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