Top 15 Hilarious Phobias That We Bet You Didn’t Know About!!

that exist !!!

What If Theres A Phobia 341
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Well, most
of us would have thought that phobias
actually were something to do with extreme conditions and is considered very
serious. But who knew that some fears were also funny as hell, and though they
are serious too, is actually quite laughable to think about!
Some of the
hilarious ones I came across..
1. Genuphobia – Fear of Knees

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probably never wear shorts or skirts and detest people who wear them in front
of you. (what will they do in summer?)

2. Anuptaphobia – Fear of being

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Ha Ha!! I
guess most of the single boys have this, am I right?! (majorly cause of the girls, I accept :P)

3. Alliumphobia
– Fear of garlic

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Whaaaaat?? Must have been a Dracula I suppose! (oh no wait! I’ve heard people say they hate

4. Coulrophobia – Fear of clowns

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Hell yeah.. Who wouldn’t get this fear after watching all
those movies which showed our beloved clowns turn into pure evil!! (what a spoiler for the kids who adored
clowns and later detested them)


5. Pogonophobia – Fear of beard

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And here I was thinking bearded men be more handsome..hmmm..
(no wonder the villains always caress
their beards in a negative scene)


6. Philophobia – Fear of love

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I don’t even know if this is funny or not. Scared of Love?
Like seriously? (maybe scared of getting
hurt the second time)


7. Omphalophobia – Fear of belly button

Fear of Belly Buttons Phobia Omphalophobia
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Am just having a wicked look on my face now! And am sure
you’ll have it too! WTF was this 😀 How do you even…oh god! (better luck avoiding this)


8. Euphobia – Fear of good news

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Sometimes we do fear that when we are happy for too long,
we are sure something dreadful is gonna happen in a while, isn’t it? (maybe it’s better to avoid by not having the
good news at all)


9. Sciaphobia – Fear of shadows

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I swear I have seen people get scared of their own freaking
shadow! Uh..the cats too! (your shadow is
the only thing that keeps following you. Creepy much?)


10. Panophobia – Fear of everyhting

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Pheww. Scared of everything! How do you even live in this world
scary world!! (oh, remember Thenali movie by kamal)


11. Allodoxaphobia – Fear of opinions

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Don’t we have all this. Thoroughly fed up with all the
stupid opinions of this society ! (such
nosy people, mind your own damn business :/)


12. Venustraphobia – Fear of beautiful women

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This has to be a fraud one! Afraid of pretty ladies, WTF? I
don’t think there will ever be someone who has this! (except that jealous woman who is jealous of the really pretty woman)


13. Geliophobia – Fear of laughter

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Laugh. Get scared. Close your mouth. Probably the funniest
phobias cause you can’t be funny and laugh it out. (you can’t even laugh in your dreams?)


14. Ablutophobia – Fear of Bathing

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Am sure we
all have this on few days and especially on Sundays 😉 Can’t we just stay in
bed all day, eat and watch the damned TV!! (
and we do have our deodorants and perfumes to the rescue :P)

15. Arithmophobia – Fear of numbers

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Ahhh do you hate maths as much
as I do? Then you and me have this phobia…yayyy!! (someone eliminate maths
already please!)














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