One of the most talented and brilliant composers of our era! Hans Zimmer has always added life to the movies with his amazing works.  Here are our top 10 picks that is guaranteed to give you the goosebumps no matter when you hear it.

10 .The Lion King 

Guaranteed to take you back to your childhood when you listen to this. Also remember Mufasa’s death scene that brought tears ? 
Listen to the complete track here :

9. Gladiator

The glorious feats of Maximus Decimus Meridius is made more thrilling by the addition of Hans Zimmer’s works
Listen to the Gladiator track here:

8. Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2

Hans Zimmer has tried his hands at creating soundtracks for games as well. One of his best works is from Modern Warfare 2

7. Crysis 2

2011 crysis 2 game wide
One more game with an epic soundtrack by Hans. That violin cover though…out of this world!! Check it out at :


int wps 1920 worm
Hans Zimmer’s stints with Chris Nolan has always yielded some epic masterpieces. Interstellar is one such piece!

5. Pirates of the Caribbean

pirates of THE caribbean logo
How many of us made “He is a pirate” theme as our phone ringtones? Perfect soundtrack for the eccentric Jack Sparrow

4. The Da Vinci Code

da vinci code 0406 big1 A1Z2
Perfect soundtrack for a perfect thriller to take you on an epic journey

3. Man of Steel

man of steel wallpapers and desktop backgrounds man of steel desktop wallpapers man of steel desktop backgrounds superman free hd wallpapers desktop backgrounds10
Music worthy of the last son of Krypton.  Listen to the Flight soundtrack from the movie

2. Inception

Inception 18
The totem turning and makes you wonder whether it was a dream or reality…the ending of Inception, an ending surpassing many! “Time” and “Dream is collapsing” stands a notch above others.

1. The Dark Knight Trilogy

batman collage1
The pinnacle of Hans Zimmer’s work!! Where would Joker or Bane be without the menacing soundtracks provided by Hans and James Newton Howard .Check out the the complete collection here


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