Tollywood Fan Girl Commented On Vijay’s “Face Value” !! Check Reactions !!


Fans of cinema industries having verbal spat with the fans of other film industry fans to prove their film industry actors as the best of all is not something new to social media. The spat often occurred between Kollywood and Tollywood fans as they have the highest number of actors with large number of fan followings.

Earlier a fight between Telugu and Tamil cinema fans occurred regarding who is the best dancer among Vijay and Junior NTR. Junior NTR Or Vijay ?? Fans Involved In Verbal Spat !! As the fight got elevated to next level, now a fan girl from Telugu film industry commented on the face value of actor Vijay. In her tweet the girl said that actor Vijay is lucky to be working in Tamilnadu. Further she added that for his acting skill and face value he will only get character roles in Telugu film industry.

“Vijay is lucky to be born in Tamil industry..For his talent and face value,if he was born in telugu industry he would have barely got side character roles” wrote the fan girl.

Check out her tweet here :

On seeing this tweet, many of the fans of actor Vijay who got irked trolled the actors of Telugu film industry. Check out some of their replies here :

Though it feels good to win such arguments, It is high time for the fans of actors to understand that every actors are talented in their respective way. The moment they stops involving in such verbal spats in social media, we might witness more socially responsible activities from them as it is the need of the hour. Comment your views !!


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