To Teach Him A Lesson, Woman Chopped Off His Penis With The Help Of 2 Friends !! BIZARRE !!


47-year-old woman, fed up of repeated sexual advances, allegedly chopped off a man’s genitals with the help of her two family friends. The incident was reported on Tuesday (December 25) night in Mumbai’s Dombivali area.

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The accused woman, whose name has not been revealed by the Mumbai police, and her accomplices have been booked for attempt to murder.

According to the reports, the 27-year-old man, identified as Tushar Pujare, had constantly been seeking sexual favours from the woman for last few months. Pujare was even insisting on marrying her.

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According to the Dombivali police, the woman from Nandivali locality of Dombivali, who is a mother of two, lost her cool when a few days ago Pujare approached her husband and told him that he was in love with his wife and wanted to marry her.

Pujare’s actions led to a heated argument between the woman and her husband. Angry over the act and fed up of the sexual harassment, the accused sought the help of two friends and hatched a plan to teach Pujare a lesson and enlisted the help of Tejas Mhatre, 22 and Pravin Kenia, 25.

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The co-accused contacted Pujare and asked him to meet as they wanted to take a loan for housing purposes. Pujare works as an advisor for private banks and helps customers secure loans.

On Tuesday night, the accused called Pujare at a secluded spot in old Dombivali. As soon as Pujare arrived, Tejas Mhatre and Pravin Kenia allegedly thrashed him and the woman cut off his penis, the police official said.

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The accused woman then took Pujare to LifeCare hospital in Dombivali and informed the staff that she had chopped off his genitals to teach him a lesson.

On the victim’s complaint, the police arrested the woman along with Tejas Mhatre and Pravin Kenia.

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The hospital staff informed that all three were sent in police custody for four days by a local court, he said, adding that further probe was on.



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