To Solve Social Media Problems, Rangaraj Pandey Came Up With A Solution !! Got Thrashed By His Own Followers !!


Popular Journalist and Former Thanthi Tv Chief news editor came up with a tweet yesterday which received heavy trolls and hatred.

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His idea of regularizing social media completely received in a wrong way by his followers and twitter users. His tweet in English read as “To regularise social media, I suggest 3 things. 1. All activities in SM should be charged (Status ₹20, Share ₹10, Like ₹5…) 2. All messages should carry the creator’s number even when its forwarded 3. Indigenous SMs should be encouraged to compete with WhatsApp, Twitter, FB”

He also translated his tweet and posted it  in Tamil language as well :

Rangaraj Pandey, One of the leading journalists of the state who have interviewed almost every leading celebrities including Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Be it any politician or actor his questions to them during the interview would be bold and straight which gained him a unique set of audience. People started setting eyes on him since his interviews made big time controversies and debates.

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Before working in Thanthi tv, he joined as a writer in Dinamalar, daily Newspaper. He wrote an article in a pen name ‘doubt danabal’ which was very famous and received an overwhelming response from the reader.


Confirming his resignation from Thanthi Tv, the journalist uploaded a video in his youtube channel. Pandey already stated this statement of charging money for using social media in one of his public speeches which received major applause from the audience.

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Now check out the reactions his tweet received here :


Do you accept this suggestion of Pandey ?? Comment your views below !!


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