To Buy Smartphone For His Children’s Online Class, Man Sold His Cow !! Actor Wants To Help


This ongoing pandemic is testing the patience of human beings indeed. People from across the country are suffering with severe financial crisis due to the unemployment COVID 19 created. As citizens of the country are advised to maintain social distancing, the number of job availabilities are decreased which made poor people to sell their belongings for survival. One such incident took place in Gummer village in Jwalamukhi town of Himachal Pradesh. Kuldip Kumar who lives there was forced to sell his cow for Rs.6,000 to buy a smartphone for his children’s online classes.

With the implementation of lockdown, schools across the country are educating its students through online classes. Kuldip’s children Annu and Dhippu were studying 5th and 2nd standard respectively. When their school started taking lessons to other children through online classes, pressure mounted on Kuldip to by a smart phone for his children to continue the studies.

For past one month, Kuldip was running from pillar to post to get a loan for Rs. 6,000 to buy a smartphone. He approached banks requesting them to led him the money and asked private lenders as well. However, none of them were ready to help him due to his poor financial condition. Kuldip told the reporter that he doesn’t even have Rs.500 and arranging Rs.6,000 is a herculean task. Kuldip is living in a mud house.

When he couldn’t get the required money, the man sold his cow for rs.6,000 and purchased a smart phone for the education of his children. According to reports, Kuldip doesn’t have a Below poverty line card and not getting the benefits from the Integrated Rural Development Program. He said to reporters that he has applied to Panchayat for financial assistance several times for the construction of his house, only to be neglected. Now, Ramesh Dhawala, MLA of Jwalamukhi, who said that he got shocked on hearing about the news, has directed BDO and the SDM to provide him financial help.

Meanwhile, actor Sonu sood who is known among Tamil audience for acting in Simbu’s Osthi, Chandramukhi, Nenjinile etc, decided to help Kuldip to get his cow back. On seeing the news , the actor who is currently involved in helping the migrant workers, has wrote “Let’s get this guy’s cows back. Can someone send his details please.” in his official twitter account.

Check out his tweet below :

Many people shared the contact details of Kuldip in the comment section and the actor got highly praised by his followers for his good heart.


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