To Avoid “Pudhucherry Ko Wanakkam” In Future, Check What Action BJP Party Has Taken !!

4 years ago

The programme “My booth is a strong booth” is an initiative by the Prime Minister himself to interact with the party workers and clear their doubts via the NaMo app.  He stated that workers are the major reason behind the party’s success. However, on December 19, the live interaction backfired when a party worker pointed out the tax burden that middle-class people face and govt is just busy in collecting taxes. After the incident, the Prime Minister’s Office(PMO) has decided to be doubly careful and scrutinise both the questions and the person asking it before the programme reported The Times Of India.

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The party workers who are interested to interact with the prime minister had been asked to shoot a video and send it 48 hours ahead of the event on Sunday, 23 December, reported TOI quoting sources. “We selected the best questions from those shortlisted and informed the concerned persons,” according to the source quoted by TOI.


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A man, who introduced himself as Nirmal Kumar Jain rose from the crowd and saidpartly in Hindi, “Honourable Prime Minister… I am grateful for this opportunity to speak to you. My question is the work that you are doing to change the country is undoubtedly a good step but the middle sections of people are of the opinion that your government is only busy collecting tax in all manner and in all ways. They did not get the relaxation they were hoping for in IT sector, loan processing procedure and bank transaction fees and penalty. It is my request that you take care of the middle class, which is the root of your party, like the way you take care while collecting tax from them. Thank you, sir.”

Instead of giving a specific response to the question about the struggles of the middle class, the prime minister, replied, “Thank you, Nirmal ji. You are a trader, so it’s normal that you will talk business. I favour taking care of common people and the common people will be taken care of, I assure you.”


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This question, which had come out of the blue, had left Modi speechless and he was unable to answer the question. This was quite embarrassing for him and he has accordingly taken a decision.

In an attempt to break the awkward tension that had filled the room, PM Modi said, “Chaliye Puducherry ko Vanakkam”, even as they moved to the next party member.

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The non-response from the Prime Minister, batting it off with a “Hello to Puducherry,” has social media users in splits with some hilarious posts.

Narendra Modi’s “Chalie Pudhucherry Ko Wanakkam” Goes Viral !! People Making Extreme Fun Out Of It !!

Apparently, BJP will now be careful when it comes selecting and filtering party workers who will participate in similar interactive sessions in the future.


Also, the BJP will also be filtering questions that the party workers can ask Modi in interactive sessions. This will ensure that Modi is saved from further embarrassment.

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A procedure has been launched. The people who wish to ask questions will have to register on Google Forms, where they have to provide information on their intentions and themselves.

Isn’t it a great idea rather than leaving his own party members in a embarrassing state ?? Comment your views below !!


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