TN Youth Got Severely Attacked By His Friend While Playing “Free Fire” Online Game !!

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2 years ago

A report on Tamil nadu youth getting severely attacked on his head while playing “Free Fire” online game with his friends has emerged with photos and videos. It has been reported that they were involved in an ugly verbal spat while deciding about the “winner” of the game and a youth named Santhosh got brutally attacked on his head by one of his friends with an empty alcohol bottle. The incident happened in Palladam of Tiruppur district.


Santhosh, a 20 year old youth who belongs of JKJ Colony, Palladam of Tiruppur district was playing the “Free Fire” game with his friends in a home. Arun Baassha who is driving auto for a living, Manikandan, Mohan, Balaji, Kathiravan were involved playing the “Free Fire” mobile game with Santhosh in a house that is located in their locality.


It has been reported that a physical fight took place between the friends group while deciding about the winner of the game. In the furore, one of them used an empty alcohol bottle to attack Santhosh who started bleeding from his head as soon as getting assaulted. Hearing the loud scream of Santhosh, relatives and friends of him surrounded the place and the group of friends got absconded as soon as seeing the crowd.

Santhosh has registered a police complaint and the officers registered case against 5 “Free Fire” players who played the game with him. Two of the five got arrested and during the investigation, they reportedly said that Santhosh used obscene language to abuse themand threatened while playing the game and it led to the outrage. The news had made headlines and going viral among the youngsters who play the game.


Watch the video below :

Source : Polimer

Recently, a youth named Madan got arrested for using obscene language while streaming the PUBG mobile game in a youtube channel which had highest number of subscribers. Madan Manickam who is popularly known as “Toxic” Madan or Madan OP, got arrested by a special team of police at Dharmapuri recently. He was accused of degrading women through his youtube videos by using obscene language. It is notable that Krithika, wife of Madan who helped him in uploading videos got arrested and is currently lodged in Puzhal jail.

PUBG mobile


Free Fire or Gerena Free Fire, is a battle royale game says the Google play store and it is being considered as one of the replacements for PUBG game which got banned in country India. It became the most downloaded mobile game globally in 2019. The game received the award for the “Best Popular Vote Game” by the Google Play Store in 2019.

The number of crimes such as looting money from the bank accounts of their parents, abusing each other, involving in physical fight are increasing in Tamil nadu among the teens and early 20s due to the online mobile games. Students are losing focus on their studies, says reports and it is high time for parents to keep an eye on their children who holds control over smart phones.

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