TN Mother Was Arrested For Attacking 2-Year Old Child After Having An Affair With A Man

A mother of two kids attacked her child and has now been arrested for the same. The mother Thulasi herself attacked her own child just by blindly believing her illegal partner.

Vadivalahan is from Motture at Senji in Villupuram. He married Thulasi 6 years ago. Thulasi is from Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh. They both have two boy children namely Gokul (4-year old) and Pradip (2-year old). They lived in Chennai until 2019. Due to the covid 19 lockdowns, they moved to the village Motture at Senji in Villupuram. Vadivalahan is working as a farmer in agricultural land. 


Thulasi had an affair with Prem Kumar from Chennai for the past six months. They both had Whatsapp contact. Initially, it was started with a wrong call. Thulasi contacted him when her husband Vadivalahan was away for work. 

Vadivalahan and Kulasi had some misunderstanding. With this Vadivalahan took Thulasi to her parent’s home at Chittoor and left her there. He took away her mobile phone with him. On checking his wife’s mobile phone, he got to see a shocking video. 

Thulasi had captured a video on her own mobile phone of attacking her own 2-year old child. Taking this as a piece of evidence, Vadivalahan reported this to Sathya Mangalam Police station. A case was filed against Thulasi. The video was attacking her 2-year old child is going viral on various media platforms. 


With this, the Sathya Magalam police went to Chittore to arrest Thulasi. The police arrested her and brought her to Senji. It was reported that she had attacked her child because of her affair with Prem Kumar. It was further reported that Prem Kumar has said that Thulasi’s elder son resembles her and he is looking good. But her younger son resembles her husband, Vadivalahan. This statement triggered Thulasi to attack her 2-year old child. 

From the Sathya Mangalam Police station, Thulasi was taken to Senji Government Hospital for a medical check-up. Then she was taken to a mental hospital to check whether she is mentally strong or not.

Doctor Bharathi gave her a medical certificate denoting she is good with her mental stability. Then she was taken to Senji judgemental court. Thulasi was sentenced to 15 days imprisonment. Judgement was given by Dhinesh, the judge of Senji in Villupuram. 

After arresting Thulasi, a crew was set up in search of Prem Kumar in Chennai. This news of a mother attacking her own child is reported on various media platforms.


The following is the Twitter post posted by Sun News.

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