Tired Of Shopping Jewels For Hours?? “Oros”, An Online Jewellery Store Offers You Jewels At Your Doorstep!!

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Shop Website : Oros Store

It is believed that people started expressing themselves through the jewelry they were wearing since 1,00,000 years ago. Three shells of pearl figures from Israel and Algeria suggests the same. A jewel that takes place in a human’s body remains a visible self carrier that transmits beauty, power, class and style, not only hundreds of years ago but even today.

Initially, Jewelry may seem as a sign of luxury, profit or a mere decoration but in a deeper look, one can say that they are personal symbols, a recognition among the society that contributes to the region of a person and his social system which is considered as one of the most important values between humans.

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One of the main ways to own a jewel nowadays is to visit from store to store to select our personal choice. It is notable that people in state Tamilnadu opt to buy jewels only during a festival and during important events such as Marriage, Birth ceremony and other functions that is going to take place in their family. Oros Store, a Chennai based online jewellery shop is a start up that helps people to choose jewellery from their house and get it at their doorstep for a very affordable cost.

Unlike offline Jewellery shops where the time and energy consumption is vast, Oros offers beautiful and elegant Jewels to consumers in just a few taps in their smart phones. One can share the designs they like, ask suggestions from their loved ones just like in exterior stores and place an order to let them delivered as his/her doorstep.


Chennai based young graduates Lourdes Paul Agilan and Arshad Muhammad founded the online store in 2022. The store provides high quality gold-plated brass jewelry that were specially designed by professionals. Not stopping at being an one stop destination to find most trendy and unique designs by just surfing your phone, the company also provides jewels for both men and women.


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Matching with the constantly changing trends, Oros has designs for both common and gift purposes. Unlike the exterior shops where consumers need to face the executives and their suggestions, Oros let’s them to take their own time to select their favourite design as it is an online platform and also delivers them within just 3-5 working days with an excellent customer support system. Customer satisfaction is being considered as the company’s main motto.

Founders of the shop are keen about providing their customers the best products, not only to satisfy their possession over jewels and being value for money but also to be a reason for their joy. Visit the site www.oros.store and enjoy purchasing the most unique and beautiful products at Oros.

Click for Shop link : Oros Store



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