Tim Paine’s Attitude Towards Ashwin Left Him In Big Trouble !! WATCH


A little bit of banter between the players of two teams in a test match is not some new in cricket. However, fans who watched the match today, felt that it went too far beyond the limit as the Australian captain used cuss words against Ravichandran Ashwin while he was batting in the fourth innings of the third test cricket which took place at Sydney.

Vihari and Shwin suffered injuries during the course of their innings but held the fort bravely. They were required medical attention and needed breaks in between. At one point, Tim Paine, captain of the Australian cricket team got visibly frustrated and yelled at the two Indian players while Ashwin was adjusting his chest pad.


“It’s ridiculous, Get on with it, seriously ?” he shouted. In another incident, when Ashwin stopped Lyon from bowling, Paine said “Can’t wait to get you to the Gabba” referring to the fourth test match that is going to take place in Brisbane. Replying to that, Ashwin replied “Can’t wait to get you to India, that will be your last game”

Further Paine used cuss word and abused the Tamil nadu cricketer by saying “At least my teammates like me di*& head”. He also asked “How many IPL teams wanted you when you asked every single one of them?” to Ashwin and kept distracting him.

Watch the video below :

This behaviour of the Australian captain didn’t go well with the fans of cricket. They started expressing their disapproval over his activities by slamming him in social media platforms. “Tim Paine is talking an awful lot of shit to a bowler who has 4 more test centuries than he does lol ” wrote a fan whereas another one said “God you cant rattle ash mentally!! He stood his ground against the world during mankad”

Check out some of the reactions below :

Paine has been fined 15 % of his match fees for showing dissent at the umpire’s decision following a failed review during the third day of the test match. He is expected face a fine for his behaviour against Ashwin and Vihari as well. “This is all a part of the game. The Test match battle but Painey won’t get away with that Language with the Laws above” said Stuart Broad after seeing the videos.


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