Tim Paine Became A Victim Massive Online Troll After Blaming India For The Series Loss !!

  • Rahane
  • Tim Paine
CM / Updated: 2021-05-14
21:05 IST

Fans of team India forced Tim Paine to give clarification after his statement on team India being very good at “niggling” and “Distracting” went viral. Paine said that team Australia fell for India’s ploys and stated an example to media which garnered the attention of the large number of Indian fans fair enough to roast the Australian keeper in social media platforms.



“Part of the challenge of playing against India is they’re very good at niggling you and trying to distract you with stuff that doesn’t really matter and there were times in that series where we fell for that,” said Paine to the media. “The classic example was when they said they weren’t going to the Gabba so we didn’t know where we were going. They’re very good at creating these sideshows and we took our eye off the ball.” he added.

As soon as the statement went viral, fans of team India emerged in social media with all guns blazing. Check out some of their reactions below :



Reacting to these comments, Paine came up with a clarification saying that he is not making excuses. “I certainly wasn’t making any excuses. I was asked about some of the challenges of the summer, and I said that was one of them for me.” Paine said.

“I love the Indian fans. I don’t mind getting a bit of stick, particularly when you deserve it. They ripped me off when I dropped those catches, I thought that was totally fair. Look, I love the passion, I love how much they love cricket. I love how much they interact and for some people, it is a positive interaction, but most of the time they are into me. But I don’t mind that,” he further said in his clarification.

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