This Top Movie Reviewer Thrashed Suriya’s “Jai Bhim” !! No, Not Blue Satta

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CM / Updated: 2021-11-02
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Baradwaj Rangan of Film Companion severely criticized “Jai Bhim” of actor Suriya , saying that the makers had amplified sympathy to gain the pity of the audience instead of relying on making a good cinema. The film reviewer said that it is not a good cinema just because it has a good story and good intention in his “Jai bhim” review. Meanwhile, Blue satta Maaran who is known for thrashing Kollywood films, recommended it to his 1 million plus subscribers.


“Jai Bhim” released on Amazon Prime on 1st of November with much expectations among fans. Based on a true event that happened in the year 1995, the film concentrates on showing light to the hardship people of tribal community went through at that time. Exposing the police brutality, the film shows how lawyer Chandru won the case without receiving a penny from his client who is a wife of the victim. Though the incident took place 25 years ago, it looks still relevant due to the police atrocities that are still taking place in the state.


Chief minister MK Stalin watched the film in a special screening and lauded it through the note. Majority audience who have watched the film, gave rave reviews for the film. Meanwhile, reviewer Baradwaj Rangan of Film companion South, criticized the film right from the beginning of his 7 minute long review. He said that the people who loves the movies of director Samuthrakani would like the movie and asked them not to watch the rest of his review.

Rangan said that the film is a “crying baby movie”. He explained a scene where Police takes a pregnant woman to their custody and her child left crying to denote how the film attempts to gain the sympathy of the audience. “This is what I call a crying baby movie” Rangan says in his review and goes on to describe another scene where the husband of the pregnant woman gets arrested and the wheels of Police jeep crushes the toys he bought for his child.


“This is the kind of thing that makes you feel why do you have to amplify everything so much. Why don’t you rely on the emotions inherit in the subject of the story ? Why do you have to add all the extra sauce ?” Baradwaj asks in his review. He lauded the love portions of Manikandan and Lijomol Jose and wished that they were casted together in a different movie.

barwa 1
Baradwaj rangan

“The writing is ridiculously bad, you would expect a legal drama to have two sides evenly matched but everything is found out by Suriya. This is one of Suriya’s least involved performances and the movie seems to be made in a hurry” Baradwaj Rangan who adds that the film is a mash up of “Visaranai” and “Ka. Pae. Ranasingam”. Baradwaj also compared the film with “Visaranai” and said that the Vetri Maaran directorial showed reality but “Jai Bhim” tries to attract people’s pity.

Rangan also says that he accepts the fact on the film made based on real events but the way it is made upsets him. “How long can you keep assuming that Tamil audience are dumb ?” asks Baradwaj Rangan after comparing “Jai Bhim” with “Nayattu”. He also questions the filmmaker for not showing three dimension of Suriya’s character in the film. “Don’t think it is a good movie just because you made it based on tribes and human rights” Baradwaj ends his review.


Watch his review below :

Meanwhile, Tamil movie reviewer “Blue Satta” Maaran who is known for thrashing every second film that are releasing, recommended the film to his subscribers and didn’t complaint about the film at all. He said that the film is still relevant due to the Jayaraj and Fenix case that took place in the state recently.

Check out his review below :

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