This Telugu Fan Trolled Vijay & Ajith For Criticizing “Saaho” Film !! Got Ripped Apart In Pieces By Thala Thalapathy Fans !!

Thala Thalapathy

Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor’s much-awaited Saaho hit the screens on Friday. The film has been making the right noise as it was Prabhas’s first film after the Baahubali saga, and the fact that it was made on a staggering budget of Rs 350 crore. Saaho was simultaneously filmed in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi.

As Saaho is Prabhas’s next film after Baahubali 2, the expectations are astronomical, which will translate into magic at the ticket windows.


However, apart from the first day box office numbers, nothing good has been discussed about the content of the movie. Prominent reviewers of Tamil cinema including Blue Satta Maaran and Sun Tv Suresh trolled the movie hilariously in their reviews.

In the same way of an online movie critic slammed the film by saying that it contained pathetic writing. In his tweet he said “Saaho – Easily 1 of d worst movie this year. Prabhas looks dull, bad make-up, stone faced, poor screen presence. Shraddha is gud. Too many artists. Grand visuals, super bgm. No story, pathetic writing, sensless screenplay. Irresponsible product from Dir Sujeeth. Dont take risk!”

On seeing this tweet many fans of Telugu cinema and Prabhas slammed Vijay and Ajith to troll Tamil film industry. One of them said “Ee Vijay gadu akkada superstar anta. Ee budabukkala Ajith gadu Thala anta. Mundu Mee mohaalu chooskondra ma vaallani ane Mundu. “ ( This Vijay is a Superstar there right ?? This budabukkala Ajith is a Thala right ?? You Guys first look at the faces of your heroes before trolling our heroes)

This tweet created huge outrage among Thala and Thalapathy fans who stormed into the comment section to thrash the Telugu fan. They warned him of trending “Disastrous Telugu Cinema” in twitter. Check out some of their reactions here :

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