This Tamil Actress Supported K T Raghavan of BJP?? Her Recent Tweet Goes Viral!!

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2 years ago

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The video of K T Raghavan, Tamil Nadu BJP Secretary, has gone viral and people have shared their hatred online. The video has drawn many people’s attention towards it and people have been tweeting against it. A tweet posted by Actress Kasthuri Shankar, known for her movies like Indian, Amaithi Padai, Chinnavar, and participation in Bigg Boss, on the recent viral video of KTR has garnered huge reception. Kasturi mostly posts contentious tweets and is very much known for that. Her tweets have always picked up steam. This tweet of hers has obviously made many people to give their attention on her.

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Actress Kasthuri Shankar

Kasturi (@KasthuriShankar) in her tweet has said that Madan Ravichandran has humiliated K.T Raghavan through his sting operation and receives youtube revenue for the video. She who referred to a famous Tamil saying “Receiving wages to eat sugar cane” to describe Madan’s sting operation, asked who is next. Her ending note has made the tweet gain more replies. She has made a comment about whether the ones complaining about K T Raghavan for his video are pure. The tweet ends with the hashtag #moreclosetsmoreskeleton.


This tweet of Kasturi has been understood by many that she has defended K T Raghavan. People have filled her comment box with scornful replies. There is no dearth for trolls and memes in the replies. Some have even asked why is she so concerned about the pervert. Many have blasted her tweet and come out with views that stand against her ‘biased’ tweet.


Some people have interpreted that the tweet is intended against Madhan Ravichandran, a member of BJP. He is the one person behind the release of the video. They have sympathized with his plight and have accused Kasthuri of being biased.


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