This Strategy Used By Coach Michael Of BIGIL Was Also Copied ?? WATCH !!

Users of social media once again came up with a video alleging that the strategy used by Coach Michael in Bigil movie to make his girls know about the importance of Teamwork was copied from a 2018 released Hollywood movie The Miracle season.


The film The Miracle season is based on the true story of the Iowa City West High School volleyball team after the sudden death of the team’s heart and leader, Caroline Found, in 2011. In the movie Bigil, When Michael (Vijay) returns to his team as coach, the members of it wouldn’t like him due to his past life. Vijay, to bring them under his control, would challenge them to win him in a football match. While playing with them, the protagonist, being a former state player, would win them effortlessly. After winning them, Michael would demand the girls to state the reason for their loss in the previous game to which the girls would blame each other.


This Most Important Scene From BIGIL Also Copied !! WATCH VIDEO !!

To make them understand about the importance of Teamwork, Michael would ask every girl to score a goal by kicking the ball into few particular areas. If one girl misses to score a goal, as a punishment, every girl of the team should run for 10 straights as per the order of Michael. This would make the girls to realize the importance of having the back of their teammates.


This exact scene already took place in The Miracle season, video of which is going viral in social media platforms. As the movie is based on Volleyball game, the coach of the team would place a target for the girls and would demand every one of them to run for a long time even if any one of them misses.


Watch the video below :

“Bigil” revolves around a youngster who is an aspiring football player, diverts himself from his dream to take revenge of the murderers who killed his father. He then forms a women football team to achieve his father’s dream of providing an identity to his slum through excelling in football game.


Atlee, the director of this movie is arguably, one of the most loved and hated filmmaker of Tamil cinema right now. Being a former assistant of Shankar, Atlee’s way of presenting his films and the castings he choose for the characters are considered as his major qualities. All the three films of Atlee became blockbusters despite of the plagiarism controversies. However he is often criticized for replicating the movies of ace filmmaker Manirathnam.


Watch the full scene here :

Atlee’s debut film “Raja Rani” has been widely compared with “Mouna Ragam” a cult classic of Manirathnam. His second film “Theri” was compared with “Chathriyan” which was also written and produced by Manirathnam. His third film “Mersal” was compared with “Aboorva Sagotharargal” a double action film of Kamal Haasan.

What do you think on the similarities between both the scenes ?? Comment your views below !!


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