This Picture Of Kids Taking Fake Selfie With Sandal Rocking Internet !! You Must See Reactions !!

4 years ago

A heartening picture of a bunch of children posing for a selfie using a slipper instead of a camera has tugged on the heartstrings of many on Twitter. Several celebrities including Boman Irani, Anupma Kher and Atul Kasbekar have posted the image on their Twitter handles and many on Twitter – including actor Amitabh Bachchan – have posted their reactions to the picture.



While social media is often credited for making almost anything and anyone famous, sometimes, there are posts and pictures that tend to touch hearts. One such of five little children posing for a selfie with a slipper is going viral. Though the location and the photographer behind the viral click is not known, the picture has taken the Internet by storm and even managed to reach several celebrities, who shared their thoughts about it.


Check out the how people reacting for this picture :


However, there were others including actor Amitabh Bachchan, who felt that the picture was photo-shopped or staged. Commenting on the picture shared by photographer Atul Kasbeka, Bachchan tweeted, “With due respect and apology.. I feel this is photoshopped .. notice that the hand that holds the chappal is different than the rest of his body in size .. to his other hand by his side !!”

Earlier today, Kasbekar replied to the tweet with a possible explanation:

And one of  a user pointed out the missing sandal from one of a kid in the group and made it clear that is not photoshopped :

However, even it is made deliberately, it is true that those kids are happier than most of us in real life.

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