This Most Talked About Contestant Got Evicted From Bigg Boss House !!


Bigg Boss eviction result of the ongoing week got leaked as usual. The news came in as a shock to viewers as one of the most talked about contestant got eliminated from the show due to receiving less number of votes. The show which went past 50 days, is currently trending with eliminated contestant Abishek re-entering the show as a contestant again.


The promos of Saturday shows Kamal Haasan asking opinions from live audience. He also questioned Priyanka and Thamarai over the mirror task they both played. As far as the nominated contestants of the ongoing week is concerned, Abhinay, Akshara, Thamarai, Ciby, Pavni, Imman, Isaivani, Niroop, Iykki were in the list.

Now, it has been reported that among the 9 contestants, Isai Vaani got evicted after receiving less number of votes from the viewers.


Season 5 of Bigg Boss got inaugurated a couple of months ago and contestants are being assigned to do tasks in order to get points in luxury budget. One of the very first tasks that was assigned for the contestants is “Oru Kdha Sollatummaa” in which the participants are allowed to tell stories about their personal life. Isai Vaani, during her turn, talked about the struggles she faced since her childhood due to poverty. She shared about how she became a nationally recognized singer, hailing from a poor background.

Isai Vaani is a popular singer who sung songs for Casteless collective band and for music directors such as Santhish Narayanan etc. Being the youngest contestant of the show, Isai Vaani confronted with a number of her co-contestants, mainly against Imman Annachi and Thamarai. It is notable that the singer failed to use her power when Bigg Boss asked her to make use of it to change the nomination.

“Isaivani this is probably the best thing that has happened to you. Go out..have fun ! You are insanely talented. Ignore the keyboard warriors who mock you.. your life has always been full of struggles.. compared to that this is nothing” a twitter user said after knowing about Isai’s eviction whereas another one said “Finally I can watch BB without stress from Monday.. The way #Isaivani was treated inside the BB house by few & the way she was mocked by few outside was so uncomfortable.. The ones who can’t understand human emotions are real life monsters.”

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