This Kollywood Director Imitated Ilayaraja While Giving Statement About Nesamani !! HILARIOUS !!


Music composer Ilayaraja is known to be highly possessive about the music that he has created and does not like anyone using songs composed by him without his permission. In a recently released movie, titled ‘96’, a number of cine songs composed by Ilayaraja have been used.

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When asked about this, Ilayaraja had strongly reacted in a statement saying, ‘If it was a film relating to the 80’s and 90’s why should they use only my songs? The film’s music director could have composed songs to fit the particular period. This speaks of their lack of capability and of being cowardly”. While some people objected to his remarks, there were many who agreed with Illaiyaraaja.

Now director C.S Amudhan, one of the close friend of Venkat Prabhu took dig at Ilayaraja’s statement while referring to the recent sensational hashtag #PrayForNesamani. The director who is known for his witty tweets wrote “இந்த விஷயத்துல என்னோட ஒரே கருத்து, தான் உண்டு தன் வேலை உண்டு என்று இருந்த ஒருவரின் தலையில் சுத்தியலை போடுவது சற்று ஆண்மை இல்லாத தனமாக தெரிகிறது.”

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“When they don’t have the potential to create a new song to impress the audience, they are using a popular old song to connect with the audience. In “Yaadan Ki Baarat” movie, R.D Varman composed a fresh song to help themselves with the plot. He composed his own song as a 20 year old one. If the plot requires a 1980’s music, a music director have to compose it himself. This shows their impotence in making fresh compositions” Raja said in the interview.

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Not only meme creators, the storm of Neasamani hit celebrities from the Kollywood industry as well. The hilarious posts helped many people to laugh their heart out. Starting from Harbhajan Singh, Chennai Super Kings spinner to Tamil actor Siddharth, many celebrities reacted on Neasamani’s injury. While everyone reacted in a creative way, Amudhan chose this way.

Check out some of the reactions for his tweet here :

C.s Amuthan, the maker of the only Kollywood parody film franchise seems to be very active on Twitter. He also seems to have very strong connection with his followers as we can hardly see a negative comment for his tweets. The reason is nothing but his only film Tamizh padam which earned him a lot of followers and they also believes him to repeat the history again with Tamizh Padam 3.


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