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This Is All We Can Eat

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This Is All We Can Eat

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In what seemed as a desperate move out of situation, the TN farmers have questioned the status of their daily lives, some thing which has been ignored even till now. The plight of farmers have been ignored mostly. As a country whose backbone lies on traditional farming, the importance which has been given to urban construction hasn’t been given to rural development these days. Owing to the lapse of monsoon and other reasons, we witness many farmer families ending up in horrendous decisions.

This move shows the status of their mind. A group 30 farmers staged a protest on Trichy district collectorate campus by holding dead rats in their mouths. They were demanding that the state government declare Tamil Nadu as a drought-hit state.

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The farmers who belonged to the Desiya Thennidiya Nadhigal Inaippu Sangam, said that the fail of monsoon and lack of rain has resulted in paddy cultivation getting hugely affected in the state. This has led them to a crisis, where they couldn’t even afford a meal per day. The protesters held dead rats in their mouths to make the statement that they were forced to eat rat meat due to poverty.

“More than 40 farmers died following the paddy crop failure in Delta districts. We made several appeals to the Trichy district administration to apprise the state government of our demand for compensation. Yet, there was no response,” said Ayyakannu.

Police had to wait for two hours until the farmers dispersed and joined the agriculture grievance day meeting chaired by Trichy district collector Dr K S Palanisamy.

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