This Gesture From The Government Bus Conductor Winning Hearts !! Video Goes Viral !!


Every ordinary living human in Tamilnadu would have traveled in government bus atleast once in their lifetime even the ones who born with silver spoon. We all love to travel and expect our journey to be remembered forever. The role of the person who hosts our journey plays a very important part indeed. Forget our friends, think of a bus conductor who looks pissed off during his work time due to his personal problems, worse ain’t it ??

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Bus conductor is a person who has range of responsibilities, which includes collecting fares, issuing tickets, helping passengers with baggage, advising on destinations and ensuring the safety of the passengers. There is also some paper work involved, for instance when recording fares, checking timetables and counting money. In some of the areas, the duties of driver and conductor are combined into one job.

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Expecting a bus conductor to be with a happy face is something like expecting Australia to win this on going test match with India, near to impossible. But in this special occasion, this Tamilnadu bus conductor won millions of hearts with his sweet gesture.

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In the 53 seconds video it is seen the conductor saying “If you feel like vomitting or something please let me know, I will give you a carry bag. I will also give you candies to avoid vomit, please make use of it” 

Watch the video released in Puthiya thalaimurai official twitter handle here :

He also explains the respective fares to the destinations in correct order to make the routine easy. “Please help us to provide service for you. Everyone of you would have headed to the respective places for various motives. Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation wishes you all the best. Thanks” says the conductor in a very sweet way in order to make the journey blissful for the passengers as well as for himself.

Check out the reactions to this lovable conductor here :

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