This Famous Theatre To Sell Tender Coconut During Interval !! Just WOW !!


Ram Muthuram, the owner of ‘Ram Muthuram Cinemas’ has now made it official that he will be instructing the sales of Tender coconut in his theatre located in Tirunelveli. He took it to his twitter handle to share this good news stating that its an initiative to support the farmers of our country.

According to behindwoods , the owner stated “Yes, we have taken this initiative only to support farmers and satisfy our audience. After 10 years, we renovated our theatre and the response we have been receiving is extremely high. The audience wanted tender coconut and it is our duty to respond to their demands. There are many films that emphasis on the importance of farming in our country, this is just an extension of our support.

We don’t see this as an opportunity to make profits, we are selling at the right prices. This is an additional option we are providing to the audience, they can prefer to drink anything they want. If the demand for tender coconut goes high with days, then we might reduce our stock of soft drinks. We hope this is a start to something good and people soon implement this in different places as well.”

A progressive initiative like this should be appreciated and sure will be encouraged by the people if every theatre in Tamilnadu decide to follow this strategy to bring a prosperous Interval break rather than having a sinking break by eating rotten snacks.

Video Source : Thanthi TV 

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