This Famous Singer Shares Those Cheap Messages She Received In Social Media & Asks How To Track Him !! SHAME !!

Social media is a place where anyone can personally text any individual they want. It equally allows a single person to create multiple accounts which lead to so many fake accounts. As a effect of this, many started to abuse, send explicit texts to anyone they like. Famous celebrities are the primary victims of these random texts.


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Now singer Chinmayi shared a screenshot of a explicit text messages from a random person. In her initial tweet she wrote “I have a genuine question. Is there any way to track pervs tweeting/ sending sexually explicit messages? Several women get these messages, we block, they come back with a new account. Most of us can’t take legal action as we can’t trace them. & do nothing”

Chinmayi also shared a couple of screenshots of the guy sending sexually very cheap comments.

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While sharing the screenshot she wrote “For example – I get such caste based, sexually explicit messages. Usually the user uses someone else’s photo and name as DP. He came back with 4 different accounts. I asked followers on Insta to block”

Check out her post here :

Chinmayi was one of the most active voices in the South film industry to show their support towards the MeToo movement. She called out lyricist Vairamuthu for sexually harassing her when the two were in Switzerland for a concert named, Veezhamattom, in 2005. Vairamuthu had then released a statement denying all allegations, Chinmayi had then reacted by calling him a liar.


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“Before #Metoo, I used to sing three songs a day. After an album as successful as 96 (movie), in which I had dubbed for the lead actor as well, I should usually get work for the next one month. But, after my involvement in the #MeToo movement, there has been a silence. In a month, I used to do 10-15 songs, out of which 5 songs would be in Tamil. This has dried up as well. And then, the dubbing union terminates me. I realised it is not a coincidence. Recently, I had signed on to dub for two movies, which were subsequently cancelled.” said Chinmayi in the recent interaction with Hindu.

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She has been asked by the dubbing union to pay Rs 1.5 lakh as membership fee and write an apology if she wants her membership back. The union took away her membership last month for non-payment of subscription fees. However, she said she did not receive any notification about it. The dubbing union is headed by actor-politician Radha Ravi, who was accused of harassment during the MeToo movement. Chinamayi had voiced her support towards the women who had accused him.


Check out the reactions she received for her post :

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