This Epic Tweet From Assam Police Goes Insanely Viral !! You Must Check This !!


Social media is a place for people who has a heart that longs for fun and love. Understanding this, official twitter handle of Assam Police reported a crime in a most epic way that was loved by people all over the country. We have seen sarcastic posts and tweets from many celebrities and politicians but this tweet winning the Internet so effortlessly.

Redefining the term Thug Life, Assam Police who has caught a whopping 590 kgs of Ganja, posted the picture it and captioned it as “Anyone lost a huge (590 kgs) amount of Cannabis/Ganja and a truck in and around Chagolia Checkpoint last night? Don’t panic, we found it. Please get in touch with @Dhubri_Police. They will help you out, for sure ๐Ÿ˜‰ Great job Team Dhubri.”

Check out their tweet here :

The photograph contained the cartons of cannabis stacked on top of one another. The tweet was โ€˜likedโ€™ by more than 16 thousand people and retweeted by more than 5 thousand users until Wednesday afternoon.

Check how Netizens enjoyed the tweet from The Assam Police :

According to local reports, Guwahati has emerged a hub for drug transit and trade, for several gangs and cartels. The city acts a transit point for receiving and distributing drugs not just from inside the country but also to other countries.

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While the state police force has been active in hunting down the rackets, the social media “high” is bound to give them some satisfaction and an opportunity to show off all the great work.

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