This English Player Going To Take Revenge For Ashwin’s “Mankad” In Upcoming Worldcup ?? SHOCKING

4 years ago

As the debate of Ravichandran Ashwin’s controversial decision to ‘Mankad’ Rajasthan Royals’ batsman Jos Butler heated up on social media Monday night, Ashwin defended himself by saying the move was “unplanned”.

“On my part, it was very instinctive and it was not planned or anything like that,” Ashwin said.

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Seeing Butler backing up, KXIP skipper Ashwin paused during his action and removed the bails from the non-striker’s end. This led to an argument in the centre. The on-field umpire asked for the referral and ‘Out’ was promptly signalled. Distraught, Butler made the long walk to the pavilion.


Some called the move “unprofessional” on Ashwin’s part while others felt the run out without a warning beforehand was simply against the spirit of the game.

However, amid all the Ashwin ‘mankad’ talk, somehow Virat Kohli’s name has cropped up many times. The likes of Shane Warne, Michael Vaughan and Dean Jones have tried to come up with futuristic scenarios of a bowler trying to ‘mankad’ Virat Kohli to justify their comments against Ashwin.

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Warne asked Twitter users if it would be okay if Ben Stokes had done the same thing to Virat Kohli.


Whether it would be “okay” or not, Ben Stokes at least sees the funny side. He made it clear, he would “never ever ever ever ever ever” do that Kohli in a World Cup final. But that remains to be seen, since there was a smiley added to the tweet.

Vaughan and Dean Jones also mentioned Kohli’s name in their tweets.

Ashwin’s decision to ‘mankad’ Jos Buttler has snowballed into a massive controversy. Social media has been buzzing ever since the incident took place on Monday night.


The incident took place in the 13th over with Rajasthan Royals coasting to victory — needing 77 off 43 balls with nine wickets in hand. Ashwin paused while delivering the ball and took the bails off at the non-striker’s end as Buttler stepped out of the crease.

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Buttler, to his dismay, was given his marching orders by the third umpire. Buttler’s dismissal proved to be the turning points as Kings XI Punjab pulled things back to restrict Rajasthan Royals to 170 for nine in the chase of 185.

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