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This Emerging Director Bashed Vignesh Shivan & Blames His Hypocrisy In Nayanthara Issue !! WATCH !!

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This Emerging Director Bashed Vignesh Shivan & Blames His Hypocrisy In Nayanthara Issue !! WATCH !!

Lenin Bharathi, is an Indian film director, screenwriter, who predominantly works in Tamil cinema. He started his career as an assistant director. After working on many films, he gained over 18 years of experience as Associate Director and Co-Director on notable Tamil features such as “Vennila kabadi kuzhu”,”Naan Mahaan Alla”, and “Azhagarsamiyin kuthirai”. He also wrote the story for the hit romantic drama Aadhalal Kaadhal seiveer which was nominated for Vijay Award 2013 for Best Story, Screenplay Writer.


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He made his directorial debut with Merku Thodarchi malai (Western Ghats) in 2015 which was produced by Vijay Sethupathi. The film was critically acclaimed by international audience. He also joined the list of the most intellectual filmmakers with his debut movie itself and considered as one of the very few filmmakers of Kollywood who has an eye for reality filmmaking.

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Now in his recent interview with Cinema Vikatan , the director has come up with allegation against Tamil cinema for the myth it has been creating all these years among the audience. “By feeding them the mindless heroism, Tamil cinema has created a bunch of audience who started to believe that the beauty lies in skin color and a real man will fight and win against 500 men” the filmmaker alleged.


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On the recent sensational controversy about Radha ravi’s statement against Nayanthara where he slut shamed the actress on stage, Lenin said that it is severely condemnable. In the trailer launch of Kolayuthir Kaalam Radha Ravi indirectly mocked Nayanthara based on her personal life. To express his thoughts he used the words Paatha udane kumbudravangalayum podalam, paatha udane koopadravangalyum podalam (We can cast those who are respected and those who sleep around).”

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On seeing this speech of Radha Ravi, Vignesh Shivan, boyfriend of Nayanthara posted a series of tweets against Radha ravi saying that he is a repeat offender who abuses women in public speeches. Lenin Bharathi in his interview mentioned the role of Vignesh Shivan in this issue and said that his activity in this issue is something to be noted carefully.

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“Vignesh Shivan who condemns the speech of Radha Ravi says in his tweet that he is very much disappointed with the people who clapped for his speech. In the movie Naanum Rowdy Thaan, the same Vignesh Shivan used Nayanthara to get claps from audience by making her utter double meaning dialogues. The place where Nayanthara will be seen saying “Naan Ungala Podanum Sir” to Parthiban is no where lesser than what Radha ravi did in Kolayuthir Kaalam Trailer launch.” said Lenin in this interview.

Source : Cinema Vikatan 

“So it hurts when it comes back to you ?? Do you think audience doesn’t have the self respect you people having ?? What Radha Ravi did in a separate hall, Vignesh Shivan did it in a cinema hall which garners all sort of audience including children. The Cinema hall should be respected. When these double meaning dialogues earns them money, they seem to have no problem with that, when they face it personally it becomes an issue. Everyone including nadigar sangam condemned Radha Ravi’s act but no one cares when it happens to a junior artist or to a small time actors.” Lenin added in his interview who also condemned Rajinikanth for his double meaning dialogues in the movie “Chandramukhi”.

What do you think on Lenin’s statements ?? Comment your views below !!

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