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This Election Candidate Promised People Virat Kohli As Chief Guest !! : Kept His Word By Doing This !!



This Election Candidate Promised People Virat Kohli As Chief Guest !! : Kept His Word By Doing This !!

In India, we often see political leaders and candidates leaving no stone unturned to woo the voters and win their votes. In this ambition, they try bizarre things like distributing free liquour, money, etc. However, a recent incident by one of the candidates in a local election in Maharashtra takes this to a whole new level.


panchayat candidate promises virat kohli as chief guest brings duplicate instead

A candidate contesting for the post of Sarpanch of Ramalinga Gram Panchayat in Shirur promised voters that Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli would attend an event. Word was spread that Kohli will attend the rally organised on Friday (May 25). With the star sportsman’s photo on the billboard along with Vitthal Ganpat Ghavate, who contested for the post of Sarpanch, the hoardings were put up in the entire state.



But, did he really turn up for the event? Well, what really happened will leave you shell-shocked. Kohli wasn’t seen there, as it seems he wasn’t even invited (or, informed). It seems people of that village were surely disheartened as they were eagerly waiting to see their favourite cricketer.

viat kolhi campaign

Nevertheless, to fool the public, the organisers called a lookalike of Kohli. Alexis Rooney, whose Twitter handle is @TheChaoticNinja, narrated the incident on the micro-blogging site. “So this actually happened. They put up an election rally ad saying Virat Kohli is going to campaign for us and they actually fooled public by bringing a lookalike of Virat Kohli,” he wrote.


As the news surfaced on social media, Netizens went on a laughter riot and some were baffled to see the level of deceit of the contenders just to gain popular votes.

Here are some reactions.



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