This Double Standard From This Tamil Producer Thrashed By Online Users !! Check Out !!


G. Dhananjayan is an Indian film producer, Two Times National Award Winner, Columnist, Author of four books, Founder-Dean of BOFTA Film Institute.He was instrumental in producing a number of films in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi languages.

Dhananjayan BOFTA

The producer’s statement during two different Adult censored films is today’s most trolled subject. The producer who expressed his disappointment on the trailer of 90ml trailer said that these types of films are curse for Tamil cinema.

90 ml’s trailer which is featuring Oviya, the BIGG BOSS fame, is filled with adult based dialogues and gestures from the lead ladies of the film. Creating a big time quarrel, the trailer has already reached 8 lakh views overnight in youtube.

Dhananjayan while responding to reviewer Prashanth’s tweet wrote “இந்த மாதிரி படங்கள் தமிழ் சினிமாவின் சாபக்கேடு @itisprashanth …I feel sad & angry people indulging in making such cinema to make money by titillating the youth. Down down such vulgar & crude films. Sorry to say this but I am so upset seeing these scenes #90MLTrailer ✍️✍️✍️👎👎 “

As soon as this tweet of Dhananjayan surfaced online users came up with many contradictory statements. But a separate set of fans went through his timeline and came up with a tweet of Dhananjayan which he posted during the release of “Iruttu Arayil Murattu Kuthu”, a similar adult horror film featuring Gautham karthick in the lead.

Image result for iruttu arayil murattu kuthu

Check out that tweet of Dhananjayan which was poted by him on 7th of May here :

Check out some of the reactions of his both the tweets here :

90ML trailer is bold in so many ways in terms of content. It has many double entendre dialogues, intimate and steamy shots of the lead actresses making out with their male counterparts. But does them a match to what IAMK and Trisha Ilana Nayanthara had ??


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