This Brother’s Gift To His Sister For Deepawali Will Leave You Amazed

5 years ago

On the occasion of Deepawali, several people across India mark the festival by buying gifts for each other. While many, with an array of offers going on, purchase vehicles on the auspicious occasion, this brother-sister duo from Jaipur has redefined the concept.

On October 19, just as the employees and officials of the showroom were about to leave, the two siblings showed up with two bags full of coins.

Yash, 13, tried to convince the reluctant showroom staff to let him buy the vehicle as he and his sister had saved money for years for it.

“We saved the amount from our pocket money which we usually get in coins. Even when we get it in the form of currency notes, we exchanged it for coins,” Yash said. compress image 40

The showroom staff were taken aback and initially refused to entertain them. But after Yash explained the whole story, the staffers were so moved that they couldn’t refuse anything.

“We see a lot of customers who come with coins to pay a part of the total amount of the vehicles. But it was a special case where both of them paid entire amount in coins,” said Honda dealer Santosh Kumar.

The staff at the showroom took nearly two hours to count the coins which amounted to Rs 62,000. And the showroom was kept open for two more hours.

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