This Actress Comes In Support Of Zomato Delivery Man !! Check What She Has To Say !!

The video, which emerged and went viral on Monday, appears to show an employee of the restaurant search and food delivery platform helping himself to a bit of a customer’s meal before re-sealing the boxed order and putting it back – likely to be delivered.

The video prompted widespread outrage on social media. In the video, one can see the delivery man sitting on a bike wearing a Zomato shirt and carrying Zomato delivery bag. After that he goes on to eat out of a food parcel meant for delivery. Then he keeps the box back in the package and takes out another one. After eating from the second box, he seals it and keeps it back inside. He is then seen adjusting the sealing of a smaller packet after which he prepares to leave.

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The video was widely liked and retweeted on social media. While many shared their concern over the services provided, others trolled Zomato savagely.


Initially, when the video went viral on social media it wasn’t clear if the man indeed belonged to Zomato. But Zomato later confirmed that the man was working with it. And that he was a delivery person in Madurai.

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In its apology post, Zomato said that the delivery partner had been ‘taken off’ the platform, “We take these kinds of reports extremely seriously and upon thorough investigation, we’ve found that the video was shot in Madurai. The person in the video happened to be a delivery partner on our fleet. We have spoken to him at length – and while we understand that this was a human error in judgment, we have taken him off our platform.”


But after Zomato said that they had sacked him, some people felt that the punishment was too harsh given that the delivery boys work really hard and hunger is beyond a human’s control.

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Actress Sanjana Galrani, sister of Nikki Galrani who is also currently filming with the Producers of Baahubali in a project titled Swarnakhadhgam came of in support of the guy stating “This is the person who hit headlines for eating from parcel of Zomato customer . Now Zomato says he is caught and fired at Madurai Now the question arises 1) Is hunger a crime 2)Why not he be given chance to reform 3) Guys he just ate food . He did not loot some one’s house in guise of Zomato delivery guy May be Zomato will have better delivery policy now onwards But God save this poor chap … His Crime is Hunger , I say give him a .”

Check out her posts here :

Check out the reactions she has received for her tweet :

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Sanjjanaa Galrani, is an Indian model and film actress. She made her film debut in the Tamil-Telugu bilingual film Oru Kadhal Seiveer (2006), and soon known for her controversial role in the Kannada film Ganda Hendathi (2006).

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