“Think Before Using Words Like NONSENSE, STUPID OR IDIOT” – Ravi Ashwin Replied To A Fan !!

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2 years ago

Ravichandran Ashwin became active in Twitter again and after coping up with dreadful COVID 19 situation in his family. He who left the IPL tournament midway, recently shared about the trauma he went through due to the spread of COVID 19 infection in his family. Now, the cricketer made his come back in social media platforms and even started posting videos in his official youtube channel. He who is known for his interaction with followers and fellow cricketers in Twitter, recently made a reply to a tweet of former cricketer and current commentator Sanjay Manjrekar.


Sanju who felt that “free hit” should be gone from cricket, came up with a tweet asking his followers to tell what kind of rules should be changed for better viewing experience. “Hi guys, tell me what you think about some aspects of the game mentioned in this column that have me peeved a little bit.
Also let me know what rule changes you would make to better your viewing experience. Will retweet the interesting ones.”
he said in his tweet.

Replying to this tweet, Ashwin replied saying that free hit is a great marketing tool and has captured the imagination of all the fans. The cricketer also wanted a “free ball” every time a non striker caught leaving the crease before a ball is delivered. Ashwin wanted 10 runs reduced from the bowler’s analysis and the opposite team’s total if the bowler gets a wicket of that ball.


“Come on @sanjaymanjrekar ,free hit is a great marketing tool and has captured the imagination of all the fans. Let’s add a free ball for the bowlers every time a batter leaves the non strikers end early, a wicket of that ball will reduce 10 runs of the bowlers analysis and total” Ashwin’s reply read.

Confronting this statement of Ashwin, a twitter user said that the idea seems “nonsensical” as it reduces the probability for the bowler to get a benefit. Ashwin who felt that the usage of the word “nonsensical” is unnecessary at that moment, replied writing “Aren’t the free hit runs added to the batter nonsensical then?? Think before you use words like nonsense, stupid or idiot. Somehow using them in a light vein seems to be a new normal.”

r ash

The conversation continued as the cricket fan came up with a valid question asking Ashwin what would happen if a bowler had just gave away 10 runs in his spell and the batter leaves crease two times in the four overs. “Then the batter better not leave!! Why should he leave when we can’t over step by a centi metre?” Ash replied to the user who said that no offence intended and he has utmost respect on Ashwin.


“He should not leave, I am in full support of the current Running out of Non striker (Without any warning)” the fan further replied and the conversation ended with Ashwin writing “The mental trauma that the bowlers may go through stops them from doing it.”

It is notable that Ashwin caught in controversy after sending Jos Butler to pavilion through “Mankad” method in one of the IPL matches. Despite of the criticisms he received, Ashwin stood by his gesture and still raising voice against non strikers leaving crease before a delivery is bowled.

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