“They Killed My Daughter” Heart-Wrenching Video Interview Of Subashree’s Parents !!

4 years ago

Subashree, who worked at an IT company, was on her two-wheeler on the Pallavaram-Thoraipakkam Radial Road when an unauthorised life-size hoarding knocked her down. In seconds, a tanker hit her scooter, injuring her on head.


Subashree was planning to study in Canada from October to pursue her higher studies says reports. The banner that fell on her was erected by C. Jayagopal, an AIADMK functionary, for his son’s wedding at a nearby marriage hall.


The video of the banner which falling on her scooter has released recently. In the video we can see the banner waving for a long time without proper balance. Then it falls on her way and the Lorry which is coming very close, ran over her and killed. Few blamed Subashree by saying that she died because of her carelessness and negligence. In a way of proving them wrong, the video shows the banner falling on her scooter in a way of blocking her vision.

Now the video interview of her parents expressed their sorrowful thoughts after the heart wrenching incident. “My daughter has not died in accident at all. “The Lorry driver and my daughter could have gone in their respective way if there was no banner. She died only because of the banner. It is not an accident at all” said the father who says that the Police argued with his injured daughter about which area police station the accident belongs to.

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Manoj, the lorry driver was immediately arrested for rash driving and causing death due to negligence. The officials of Chennai corporation lodged complaint against the political funcionary after which a senior police official said that action would be taken against them.


“The one who kept the banner has not come front to console us till instead they are making irrelevant statements which hurts us even more” said the mother. “I don’t want this to happen to another family” Father of Subashree kept insisting throughout the interview.

Source : Behindwoods

“For 20 long minutes they argued about which police station the accident belongs is what I heard from the people who were there.”said the mother. “They argued whether it comes under Pallikaranai or Velacherry. My daughter kept bleeding for that 30 long minutes. Ambulance didn’t come at first but public came front to admit her in the hospital” father fumed.


How many more litres of blood does the state government need to paint the roads, the Madras High Court said today, adding that it has “lost faith in the government” as it slammed the Tamil Nadu government over illegal hoardings and the outrage over Subashree’s death.

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