These 10 Videos Proves That Dogs Are Better Than Humans & Soul Stirring !!

Our four-legged friends don’t get enough love. So here’s a few stories that’ll remind you just why humans and dogs are BFFs.


1. These dogs helping their owner push his car.

2.This canine who lives for borks, boops and rock ‘n roll.

3.Ruby the dog was too playful to herd sheep, so she takes care of baby animals on a farm instead!

4. Storm the dog saved a drowning baby deer by jumping into the water and pulling her out.


5.Nalla the dog saved her owner from a robbery, despite getting shot in the process.

6. 2 dogs saved a girl’s life in Chennai by chasing away an attacked with a knife.


7. Brutus the dog saved a child and now acts as the child’s therapy dog.

Brutus’ owners have a kid who suffers from a seizure condition. Brutus can sense when one is about to come on, and quickly alerts the adults in the house.

8. This dog saving a kid from being kidnapped at the park.

9.This stray dog saving a woman from a robbery.


10. This blind dog that saved a woman from drowning.


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