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3 months ago

In his recent video, TTF Vasan expressed his displeasure over how he is becoming subject to legal cases in a constant manner. The youngster said that there is a limit for everything and said that if some other youth went through what he faced till now, he would have committed suicide.

Chennai Traffic Police seized the car in which TTF Vasan travelled after they found there’s no number plate in it. It has been reported that the driver didn’t have a driving license as well. It has been reported that the youtuber and driver Praveen were sitting in the car. Kodambakkam Traffic Police stopped their vehicle while they were conducting regular checks. The vehicle without number plate grabbed the attention of the cops.

The Police imposed a fine amount of Rs. 500 for not having a number plate in their vehicle and Rs. 5000 for driving the car without a license. Reacting to the incident, TTF Vasan released a video in his YouTube channel, saying that Police would have imposed case on him even if the car had the number template.


“I thought no problem would take place if I go in car but never expected this to happen. I believe, even if we had all the documents properly, they would have been imposed some other case on me” TTF said in the video.

“From childhood, I’m very strong mentally. I came to this place after lot if struggles. That is why I’m tolerating all the problems they are giving me. If some other person went through the same, they would have committed suicide. Don’t know how long I would be able to tolerate” Vaasan said in the video.


Further, Vaasan expressed his disappointment over his friends and associates facing struggles due to him. “Even after paying all the fine amounts, they didn’t give us our vehicle and made us wait for a long time before giving it” he added.

Watch the video below :

source : thanthi tv

TTF Vaasan, a youtuber who enjoys nearly 3 million followers for his youtube channel, grabbed the attention of the mainstream online users after celebrating his birthday with 8000 plus followers of him in Chennai. After uploading the birthday celebration video that last 30 plus minutes, TTF Vasan became a subject to the attention of mainstream media as media portals such as Sun news covered a piece about his birthday celebration.

He caught into controversy after riding his two wheeler for over 200 kmph and showing the speedometer to the audience of his YouTube channel. Most recently, he faced legal action after making a video with famous youtuber, GP Muthu.



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