“There Is An Army Of Us With You” – Celebrities Supporting Siddharth Along With Public !!

After Siddharth revealed about the ordeal he went through for past two days, along with thousands of fans, a number of celebrities from film industry have also started stretching their supportive hand to him. For criticizing the BJP led government, actor Siddharth’s contact number was shared in social media and he was threatened. The actor, after bringing the trauma he was going through to the light with his tweets, refused police protection saying that the time of cops should be used in something else amidst this pandemic situation.


Now, a number of his colleagues including director Naveen, actress Parvathi has uploaded tweets and supported him morally. “He is a romantic hero only in cinema, In real life, he is a Pakka Mass hero” said director Naveen Mohamedali who is known for making “Moodar Koodam” in his tweet. “சினிமாலதான் நம்மாளு ரொமாண்டிக் ஹீரோ. நெஜத்துல பக்கா மாஸ் ஹீரோ” his tweet read.

“The resistance needs many members playing various roles in the fight against fascists. @Actor_Siddharth is a significant voice in this battle. Make no mistake he is putting his career on the line, he deserves all our support. Naanga irukom maams, never fear. Good times are near.” said director CS Amudhan who is known for making Tamizh Padam 1 and 2.


South Indian actress Parvathi wrote “With you Siddharth. No backing down! There is an army of us with you! Stay strong and lots of love to fam” in her tweet.

Hi Siddharth … this is what these cowards stoop down too.. I’ve seen it all. I know you will Stay strong my boy and continue #justasking relentlessly .. we are with you #IStandWithSiddharth more power to you” actor Prakash Raj said in his tweet.

Bollywood director Pooja Bhatt said “We live in a morally bankrupt nation. Who does this when the nation is gasping for breath? More power to @Actor_Siddharth for not flinching in the face of this inhuman and pathetic attempt at intimidation.”

Serial actress Sandra wrote “ISTANDWITHSIDDARTH. …👏👏👏👏👏👏more power to u sid.. v lov u” in her Instagram account.


Sashi Tharur, MP for Thiruvananthapuram also expressed his support for Siddharth.

Here’s what Congress leader Jothimani has to say about the issue.

After exposing the BJP members who caused threat to him by making continuous phone calls, actor Siddharth refused Police protection and said that the time of the police officers could be used for something else during this pandemic situation instead of giving him protection. In his another tweet, Siddharth also said that his mother feels afraid and explained how he gave her the courage by reading out the tweets of public. It is notable that a hashtag saying “I Stand With Siddharth” trended nationwide during the evening of Thursday. Read : “I Will Not Shut Up, Keep Trying” – Actor Siddharth !!


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