Theatre Owners & Movie Reviewers Reacted To “Beast” Online Troll!!

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10 months ago

Followed by Retired Indian Airforce agents shared a clip from “Beast” movie and questioned about it’s logic, fans from Tamil film industry started their counter attack by extracting the clips from Bollywood movies to get their revenge. Reacting to a Retired Group captain Sivaraman Sajan’s tweet through which he said that he has so many question about the “Beast” climax, fans of Tamil cinema started trending “We Too Have Questions” hashtag.

Now, a number of Tamil Nadu theatre owners and movie reviewers including Prashanth reacted to the online spat between the fans of two region. “There is no use sharing clips of bollywood movies and pointing the logical blunders. We have done a major blunder, people will obviously troll, we gotta accept and move on ! And make sure it doesn’t happen again ! #Beast” Movie reviewer Prashanth said in his tweet.

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Revanth Charan, Executive Director of Rohini Silver screen, Chennai came up with a tweet questioning why people are expecting films that are made for entertainment to be logically correct. He also asked his followers to name any one commercial film that has no logic loophole. “Its so funny that people expect all logical boxes to be ticked in what is a commercially made movie for the purpose of entertainment. Kindly name 1 commercial movie without any logical loophole !” his tweet read.

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The official Twitter handle of Ram Muthuram Cinemas came up with a tweet saying “When a single person hits 10 person, logic was lost there itself. But this is Cinema & Entertainment where logic shouldn’t be the main thing. If we see logic we can’t accept 99% of the movies, it is that simple. Overall the film feels good or not? That’s all” through his tweet.

“Nobody cares when you throw a stone on the land. But when we throw the same stone someone at the who is standing at the top, that’s the point we get attention” he added.

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“Feeling shame on u guys ! Never let ur industry infront of anyone ! Really felt ashamed ! #IStandWithVijay #ISupportVijay #IsupportThalapathyVijay” Theatre owner of Vasu which is located in Kumbakonam district said in his tweet and went on to add “Seriously it’s not the problem with logic and all ! The main problem is idhu Vijay padam epdiyachu negativity spread pananum !🤦🤦🤦”

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The film “Beast” which revolves around a group of terrorists hijacking a shopping mall with 200 plus civilians to make the government release their head, shows Vijay as Veera Raghavan, a Raw agent who is fond of kids. Being a skillful spy, Veera Raghavan who geta caught inside the mall with public, manages to escape a sum of civilians from the terrorists and claims that he is from another group that belongs to Bangladesh.

The terrorists group which decides to give up, finds out that the claim made by Raghavan is a lie and successfully releases their head from prison. Rest of the film relies on how the protagonist re-arrests the terrorist group head by entering Pakistan.

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The film didn’t impress critics and general audience due to it’s weakest screenplay and a plot that has no connection with the current affairs. Now, post OTT release, the film’s popularity became wider as a result of which online users from many part of the country started opining about the film’s plot.

Retired Group captain Sivaraman Sajan shared the video of actor Vijay interacting with audience while riding a fighter jet in his twitter timeline saying that he has so many questions about the clip. Comment your views on the tweets of the Air Force Officers and the reaction !!


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