Theatre Owner’s Clarification To Thala Ajith Fans Regarding His Reply !!

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3 years ago

Rohini Silverscreen which is located in Koyambedu, Chennai is one of the main theatres in the city. Known for its celebrations during the release of the movies of high profile actors, Rohini is also many people’s first choice to witness a film on the first day of its release. Their innovative ideas and timely special shows for particular actor’s fans made people to prefer the theatre. One of their strategy to be in connect with fans is social media interaction. They often interact with fans in Twitter and ask for their suggestion to screen a film which gained them huge number of followers in the site.



Recently, Rhevanth Charan, Executive Director of Rohini theatre, posted a tweet informing his followers that actor Vijay’s upcoming film “Master” will get a new dimension of celebration in their theatre. Master is announced to get release on the April month of this year. The tweet of Rhevanth regarding the celebration of the same read “New dimensional celebrations planned this time for #Master !!! You call it promotion , you call it jaldra End of the day it’s love for #Thalapathy #MasteratRohini #fansfortrohini”

Check out his tweet here :

As we all know, actor Vijay and Ajith are considered as official rivals of Tamil films industry. Fans of both the actors got involved in verbal spats in several occasions. On seeing this tweet from Rhevanth, one of a fan of actor Ajith named as “Thala Dhachana” posted a meme template of Vijay Sethupathi saying “Silra illa pa” from the movie “Soodhu Kavvum”, in a way of mocking the tweet of the theatre authority.


Rhevanth who saw the tweet, immediately replied to him by asking him to visit theatre on that day. “Thalapathy fans will throw the coins, You come and get it” said Rhevnath, in a way of giving back to him. The tweets were deleted but the screenshot of the same is going viral in Twitter.

Check out the screenshot below :


Followed by this, Rhevanth posted a series of tweets saying that the reply to that fan was not intended to hurt the feelings of the fans of actor Ajith Kumar. He wrote “My last tweet was only for that specific person and not against fans in general. I have huge respect on #Thala and his fans. Thala fans have always been class apart in celebrations ! Valimai will not be any less.”

Here’s his tweets :


He further posted a video clarification saying that his tweet was just a reply to the one who made an abusive comment. “It was not intended to hurt the feelings of other Thala fans. We have huge respect on Thala and his fans. Valimai and all the films of Thala Ajith will be released and celebrated in our theatre” he said.

Watch the video here :

Comment your views on this reply of Ajith fan and Rhevanth’s clarification video regarding it !!

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